Alizée Kastler

The understanding of how our brain processes information from our environment and generates appropriate behavioural responses is what sparks my interest in neurosciences. I freshly graduated from a 2-year master’s degree in Neuroscience at the Sorbonne University in Paris and can’t wait to further my knowledge of the field. My growing curiosity for complex social behaviours compelled me to work as a research trainee at UCL,London and study the effects of social isolation stress on decision making behaviour. As well as getting a sense of how exciting the process of discovery is, this experience convinced me that a multi-perspective approach to research coupling behavioural outputs to their underlying cellular aspects is fundamental to studying brain function. Therefore, I decided to supplement my training with an experience in physiology at NYU, New York. Circuit neurosciences had me hooked!

Taking advantage of a transparent brain and benefiting from advanced optical methods to observe neurons individually in the behaving brain is particularly convenient to circuit neurosciences. Thus, working on the zebrafish model for postgraduate research is entirely consistent with my ambition. I chose the Zenith because the programme’s multi-scale research culture fits the science I want to do. It is a dynamic, promoting international exchange and interdisciplinarity and offers endless possibilities to learn. I am looking forward to starting a fulfilling and challenging project as part of Zenith.


  • (poster) Alizée Kastler, Elena Dreosti [2022]. Social Interaction and Pain Tolerance in Zebrafish. ()