Edouard Dumon

I am a trained Engineer with a specialization in Applied Mathematics and a passionate curiosity for Neuroscience. After experiences in academic and corporate research, and a three year-stint in the hectic and challenging environment of a budding energy-tech startup, I have figured out that what I most want to do is devote myself to a research project I deeply care about, and Computational Neuroscience, with its strong mathematical foundations, inherent multidisciplinarity, and perfect balance of theoretical and experimental work, is just my jam. I am specifically interested in using statistical and causal inference modelling on high-resolution, high-volume imaging data to explore how supraspinal circuits communicate with the spinal cord to control motor behavior in larval zebrafish submitted to visual stimuli. Outside the lab, I am most often playing the piano or listening to music, and also enjoy swimming, dancing, and bouldering.

First and foremost, I am fascinated by the potential of Zebrafish as a subject of study in Computational Neuroscience: the transparency of the skin of larval zebrafish, coupled with powerful imaging and analytical tools, offers a unique opportunity to directly observe the correlations between stimuli, neural function and behavior, and infer robust multiscale* computational models of cognition. Secondly, I am convinced that multidisciplinary and international collaboration is one of the greatest forces of scientific research, and I am excited to be part of a program that promotes it as much as Zenith does. And last but not least, I have been amazed by the energy, warmth, and enthusiasm of the brilliant people involved in this program, and I am thrilled to find out what we will able to learn, build, and discover together.

* terrible pun intended