In this section you can find the latest News & Publications within the ZENITH network.

ZENITH is committed to dissemination, communication and outreach activities. The consortium will carry out activities to create public awareness of the research work performed within the network. The major scientific and technical achievements with the various results and publications will be shared in the Publications tab.


ZENITH has adhered to the Open Access initiative in the framework of Horizon 2020. Our publications are going to be made available to the public below in different formats - Journal Publications, Conference Publications, Abstracts, Poster Presentations, PhD Thesis

  • (poster) Gautam Sridhar, Antonio Carlos Costa, Massimo Vergassola, Claire Wyart [2022]. Data-driven discovery of long timescale behavioral strategies during sensory evoked navigation. ED3C Scientific days. ()
  • (poster) Xinyu Jia, Mathilde Lapoix, Martin Carbo-Tano, Claire Wyart [2021]. From birthdate to projection range: light on the functions of reticulospinal neurons. NeuroFrance 2021 conference. ()
  • (poster) Gautam Sridhar, Gautam Reddy, João Marques, Rita Felix, Olivier Mirat, Michael Orger, Claire Wyart [2021]. Unsupervised statistical model based on language learning segments fundamental sequences of prey capture behaviour. NeuroFrance 2021 conference, 2021. ()
  • (poster) Elena Putti, Chung-Yuen Chan, Giulia Faini, Dimitrii Tanese, Valentina Emiliani, Filippo Del Bene [2021]. Genetic control of circuit development and function in the zebrafish optic tectum. ED3C Scientific days. ()
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