Verity Cook

As well as trying to understand the brain, I also enjoy traditional and digital art, photography and occasionally making my own clothes. I studied for a Masters in Physics at Imperial College London, completing my final project with the Space and Atmospheric Physics Group. This project involved computational analysis of the Earth’s magnetic field. During my degree I enjoyed exploring different areas of Physics but I decided I wanted to apply my analysis skills and quantitative methods to a biological field, specifically neuroscience.

Growing up and going to university in London, I was keen to explore a new city and meet new people. So, when searching for PhD opportunities I specifically looked at programmes outside of the UK. Additionally, I strongly believe breakthroughs are made when people from different disciplines come together to solve a problem; everyone can make a valuable contribution and bring a different perspective to the solution. The international and collaborative ethos of the Zenith programme are well aligned with my own ideals which is why I chose this programme.

Project at ZENITH